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Select Items Needed for Online**

A Rain Coat, Rain Boots & Rain Hat, and Umbrella. (All items solid black or white or any patterns or shapes).

   __TRPAA black book bag,

   __ TRPAA blanket | PreK 4

   __TRPAA Pillow | PreK 4

   __TRPAA Art Box

   __TRPAA gigantic pencils,**

  __ TRPAA gigantic markers**

   __TRPAA gigantic crayons,**

  __TRPAA scissors,**

   __TRPAA gigantic erasers,**

   __One white large blinder**

   __One black large blinder

   __Changing Clothes in TRPAA book bag | PreK 4

   __ Tablet , Ipad or Laptop**


   __  Printer / Scanner / Copy Machine**


   ___ Download School Ap **


  ____ Workout Mat**


__Lysol Wipes



__Healthy Snack

__Water Bottle


__glue sticks, **  


__gigantic paint brush  **


__notebook **  


__Construction paper multi-colored  **


__Cotton Balls**

__Dry Eraser and Eraser**


___ Work Area with Desk or Table and Chair daily**

___ Chalkboard or Eraser Board**

___ Dance Attire**

__inflatable work out ball and regular ball**


___Hole puncher**


___Jump Rope**


___Paper clips**

__Posters 4 white**


___Push pins**


___Plastic eyes**


___Tooth picks**

__Go Fish Cards**


___Yarn black and brown**


___Brown Paper Bags**



__Popsicle Sticks**


___Clothes pins**


___Plant pot**


___Rubber Bands*

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