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The Gifted and Talented | Advanced

The Gifted and Talented program for PreK - 12 is accessible for students who qualify, starting in third grade. When recommended, advanced students third grade or less may have the opportunity to excel in these more challenging academic, alternative learning or work at a higher grade level.


Fully Accredited

Tayo Reed Performing Arts Academy has virtual and advanced curriculum each grade level. Students explore and master all required core subjects: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies in additional to History, Foreign Language, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Engineering, and Agriculture. Optimal Learning!  There’s nothing like one-on-one teaching to thoroughly learn and excel.  With Home School Coaches and Class Teachers, your child will be even more focused and inspired to learn without the distraction of students disturbing the class..

Great Teachers! 

Your child(ren) are valued and our #1 priority along with an excellent education, so we only recruit the best and most patient teachers for our Private Education and Home School Coaches Iconic team.  Our instructors offer years of experience to effectively help students work through challenging issues, exploring new concepts and building upon new levels of success. We welcome you to our legacy school.

Private School Educational Coaching: STEM,Reading, Business Management, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship

When students are in need of additional help in their academics parents can request for private educational coaching from 3:15pm - 5:15pm to inspire students to learn with enthusiasm and to examine how they learn to improve grades or challenges in a subject. This program is for students enrolled, extended to homeschoolers, children in the community, and students who are transported to our academy picked up from school. Activities in STEM, Management projects, and instructional classes on Leadership and Entrepreneurship are essential for advanced learning.

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