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Students are required to wear uniforms daily. All components must be purchased from TRPAA Uniforms.

Various components may be worn daily except on designated special dress days. 

Designated Special Dress Uniform School Day requirements:

Parents are responsible for purchasing all items currently until our online store is launched.

TRPAA Polo Shirt will be purchased during orientation. School shirts are custom made with school logo.


  • Khaki jumper/white Peter Pan blouse (K2-2nd) and TRPAA Polo Shirt
  • Khaki skirt/skort and ¾ sleeve white blouse (3rd-5th) and TRPAA Polo Shirt

  • Skirt and walking shorts lengths are based on a standard of four inches above the knee when measured from the floor in a kneeling position.

  • Hair is to be maintained so that it is not extreme.

  • Hair should not be unnaturally colored or shaped to draw attention.

  • Hair accessories should be conservative, not a distraction to other students and coordinate with school uniform in style and color. Bows, ribbons, or clamps only black or white to match uniform (no more than 2 - 4)

  • Small earrings are allowed.

  • All makeup is deemed inappropriate for TRPAA and Elementary students.

  • No jewelry is to be worn that will distract from the uniform look.

  • No visible tattoos.

Shoe Requirements –Students may wear any shoe of their choosing with the following exceptions:

  • All shoes must have closed toes and closed heels.
  • Girls black an white saddle oxford or black with buckle and white socks and All Star Tennis Shoes

  • Boys all black shoe with rubber bottom and All Star Tennis Shoes

  • Boots, sandals, water shoes, house shoes, platforms, flip flops, clogs, or other extreme styles will not be permitted.

  • No lights, pumps, sounds, or skate shoes.

  • Dress shoes should be traditional black or brown. All shoes should have closed toes and closed heels. No lights, pumps, neon colors, sounds, skate shoes, “mood” or “color changing” inserts. No boots of any kind, clogs, sandals, or flip-flops.


  • Long khaki pants (plain or pleated)
  • Black belt

  • TRPAA Polo Shirt and white dress shirt (long or short sleeve

  • Hair is to be maintained so that it is not extreme. Hair should not be noticeably different or stand out in any way to draw attention. It must not cover more than half the ear, fall below the eyebrow or over the collar. Hair should not be colored or shaped to draw attention to it, or cut in stripes, designs, or letters.

  • No earrings, clips, or studs are to be worn.

  • No visible tattoos.

Sock Requirements

White, or black socks, short or long, are to be worn with shorts. Solid color coordinated socks are to be worn with long pants. White socks or solid color coordinated socks are to be worn with skirts. Solid color tights may be worn with skirts and should be white, or black. Patterns such as checkerboard, animal print, or other busy/distracting patterns will not be permitted.

Coats or Outerwear

Tayo Reed's Performing Arts Academy has online approved outerwear options. Approved outerwear includes the following:

  • TRPAA fleece zip-up jacket (available in black only)
  • TRPAA fleece vest, half-zip fleece jacket, or full-zip fleece jacket (available in black )18

  • TRPAA black v-neck pullover sweater

  • TRPAA cardigan

  • Sweatshirt available for purchase through the TRPAA Athletic Association (only approved sweat shirt)

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