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Head of School's Welcome,

Welcome to our website! Let me try to capture what makes Tayo Reed Performing Arts Academy special among an array of appealing independent schools in Georgia.

Our community is diverse. Committed to creating a loving community of learners and teachers, Tayo Reed Performing Arts Academy has a student body that reflects the ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, and religious diversity of the city it calls home. Tayo Reed Performing Arts Academy commitment to this diverse community and its success is supported by private donors, grants, accredited advanced curriculum, professional counseling, extra-curricular activities, engaging school clubs and sports, performing arts, and community time programs and speakers. It reaches into every corner of school life.


Our foundation is love with a heart for children of all ages, nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. Our desire to teach beyond milestones empowers our students to soar without limitations and without any fears. The heart of the academy's experience is the relationship between inspiring, caring teachers and talented, motivated, and engaged students.  Beyond the classroom, Tayo Reed's Performing Arts Center teaches its students to be responsible and caring, both inside the school, and as citizens of the city, nation, and world. In the days ahead, I invite you to get to know the heart of this blessed and loving community: our students and teachers. Take a closer look. Come visit us!


Dr. Tayo Reed
​Head of School, Kingdom Believer

Tayo Reed Photo.png
Our Philosophy

Every child has greatness. Every child has a purposeful life. Our vision is to help every student excel by spreading love, giving tough love and showing unconditional love. Our principles and values are treat others like you would like to be treated, work together as a team, be the best you, and quitting is never an option!  With virtual  and challenging curriculum for advancement brilliant scholars are developed and equipped for any universities and colleges in the world. We engage families because we believe it takes a village to make a stronger community !


Tayo Reed Performing Arts Academy is a private educational college preparatory school committed to biblical values and academic excellence, where students are prepared for their purpose, careers, service, leadership, and entrepreneurship.



We do respect and enroll students of all faiths, beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds. We believe in the Kingdom of God. We use the Hebrew translation for Jesus (Yahshua), Anointed One, the Messiah (HaMashiach) God (Yah), Holy Spirit (Ruach Kodesh), Israel (Yashar'el) Lord (Adonai), I am that I am (Ahayah Asher Ahayah)


Our students are transformed into innovative and courageous trailblazers.

The Tayo Reed Performing Arts Academy students will always surpass milestones as a result of our unique approach to teaching with virtual methods and the exclusive "Tayoartology Method" established in 1988. Victorious by discipline and determination, nurtured by faith, Tayo Reed Performing Arts Academy students are an inspiration to us to continue to teach integrity, morals, and higher education. In turn, we give them the love, support and motivation they need to pursue their vision, passions and reach their highest potential. Excellence is what we do and who we are!

Our History

For over three decades, Tayo Reed Performing Arts Academy CEO has been meeting the educational needs of students through integrating the arts. Since 1988 the dream has been to provide higher education for all children cultivating the mind, body, soul, and spirit. 



Outreach, Traveled the U.S. and Internationally performing  and teaching students at major colleges, high schools, elementary schools, daycare facilities, national organizations, and mega churches.


Established Tayo Reed's Performing Arts Center for all ages educating students in Afterschool enrichment, camps, tutoring, fine arts and visual arts fully staffed.


Established professional careers for graduating and seasoned musicians, singers, dancers, and other gifts expanding the vision of Tayo Reed's Performing Arts Center to College Students and Adults worldwide. The National  Entertainment Company is "PBUSA®" to serve organizations, weddings, galas, corporate events, conventions, universities, and conferences quality upscale entertainment for events from jazz bands to gospel choir, tribute bands to classical ballet dancers, or customized entertainment.


Established Performing Arts Preschool Academy expanding the vision with a mission to exceed milestones to maximize children full potential. The Homeschool Private Education was also created.


Established an independent private educational school for Pre-K through 12th grade with accredited curriculum in new location. Partnered with the Educational and Arts Resource Center for Home Schoolers with Homeschool Coaching during regular school hours. Established Summer School Intensive Advance Scholar Program for Life Skills, an extension of the Performing Arts Summer advancement camp on campus


Founded Yahshua Our Redeemer Church . A Revelations 3:8,9 church. Learn more visit

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